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Uninstalling the App

To Uninstall the app, simply uninstall the app from the Apps Page of your Shopify Store admin.

Then go to Online Store > Themes, and click the “Actions” button under the Current Theme section. Then click the “Edit Code” button.

Now remove these 3 files:

  1. cartplus-cart.liquid
  2. cartplus-recommend.liquid
  3. cartplus-upsell.liquid


Note that once the App is uninstalled all the store data we saved in our database will be removed. But your App Settings and orders data will remain. This is because some users may want to disable the app temporarily for test purpose and it will be a huge issue for them to lose all the analytics data and settings data.

Once the app has been uninstalled and 30 days passes, we automatically remove the App settings data and the order data. If you want us to also remove the app settings data, and the orders data right away, get in touch with us through the contact page and we will remove them once we receive your request.