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Setting up Call to Action Upsell

How it Works

This module lets you display a custom message that you can use to encourage users to complete orders. Or you can use this module to display any announcement, offers or link to external website or pages.

When you enable this module, it displays a text box at your specified position inside the cart drawer. This module does not have any special upsell tricks or features, its only used to display a text message.

Setting Up the Module

First enable the Module and the insert the message that you want to display in the Content Editor field.

You can display 2 buttons along with your text. You can setup the buttons from the Buttons Tab.

You can also let visitors close the CTA module. To do that, click the Misc. tab and enable the Allow Closing the CTA option. Once you enable it, you can also set when how long you want to hide it for once the customer closes it.


Displaying the CTA module only when certain conditions are met

With Cart+ you have the option to display a module only when a customer meets certain condition. You can display only if the they have spent a certain amount, added a certain number of products, from a specific country and a lot more. You can learn how you can conditionally display an upsell module by following this guide.