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Setting up Recommendations Upsell

Product Recommendation Upsell module lets you automatically display products related to the current cart items. You can either recommend products based on all the items in their cart, or based on the last added product.


How it Works

When you enable the Product Recommendations Upsell module, a handful of products are displayed in your specified cart location. The products can be recommended based on the current cart’s product type or the product tags. You can also display Shopify product recommendations. If customer likes any of the recommended products, they can click the Add button to instantly add it to the cart.

Setting up the Module

To setup the, first enable it and then from the “Recommend Based on” dropdown option, select what should be the recommendations based on.

If you select “All Products” the recommendations will be based on all the added items to the cart.

If you select “Last Added Cart Item”, the recommendations will be made based on the most recent item added to the cart.

If you select All Products option, you can set the recommendations to display based on the current cart item’s Product Type or Tags. When you select Product Type as the Recommendation Type, the app will display based on all the product types of the current cart items.

With the Product limit option, you can Limit the number of products appear in the recommendation box.

The products are displayed in sliding box. You can set how many items you want to display per slide with the Items Per Slide option.

The recommended Products do not display the product type or the vendor’s name. If you want to Display any of them, go to Misc tab, and from the Secondary Data dropdown, select the one you want to display.


Excluding Products from appearing in Recommendations

To exclude products from appearing in the recommendations section, open the “Exclude” tab, and select the Products you want to exclude. Note that the items already in the cart are not recommended.


Displaying the Recommendation module only when certain conditions are met

With Cart+ you have the option to display a module only when a customer meets certain condition. You can display only if the they have spent a certain amount, added a certain number of products, from a specific country and a lot more. You can learn how you can conditionally display an upsell module by following this guide.