Cart Item Settings

Cart Items Section displays all the products added the cart. There are various ways you can customize it.

This page will explain all the Cart Item Settings options


Settings Tab

Display Both Original & Discounted Price: If this option is enabled, the both the original price and “Compare at Price” will be displayed side by side so customers knows they are getting price cut for this product.

Allow Changing Product Variants: When you turn this option on, it will allow customers to change the product variant (if it has any) by clicking the variation text that appears under the title.

Allow Adding Note to the Order: To let customers add a note to their order, enable this option. This will show an “Add a Note to your Order” button below the cart subtotal. When clicked, a text field will show up that lets customers insert their note.

Display Tags for Applied Upsell Offers: If you want to display the offers added to the cart through the Tiered Upsell, turn this on. When it’s on, discount labels will show up below the subtotal. This only shows the tiered upsell’s discount labels and free shipping label.

Display Discount Breakdown: When this option is turned on, the Discount section that appears above the Subtotal, will also display a simple breakdown of the applied discounts. For example, if user received a 5% discount with tiered discount and also applies a Custom coupon code (eg: 2OFF), it will display like this: (5%+2OFF)

Let Users apply Discount Code: Let customers apply coupon code to their order. Note that currently only “Amount Off Order” and “Free Shipping” is supported.


Text Tab

Section Title: This displays title text that appears over the Cart items section.

No Cart Items Message: Set what text will appear when the cart is empty.

Subtotal Label: Change the Subtotal label that appears under the cart items.

Discount Label: Change the Discount label that appears under the Subtotal section.

Shipping Label: Change the Shipping Label that appears over the Subtotal section.

Free Shipping Label: When the Shipping is free, A FREE label is displayed. You can change that with this option.

Coupon Add Button Label: Change Add Coupon button label with this option.

Coupon Apply Button Label: Change Apply Coupon button label with this option.

Coupon Success (Discount): Set what message should be displayed when an “Order Off” coupon has been successfully applied.

Coupon Success (Shipping): Set what message should be displayed when an “Free Shipping” coupon has been successfully applied.

Invalid Coupon Message: Set what message should be displayed when the coupon is invalid.

Variant Update Button Text: When a variant change box appears, it contains a “Update” button, you can change that button’s label with this option.