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Cart+ Upsell Modules

Cart+ App lets you increase your store revenue by letting you display various upsell modules.


Lets check out all the Upsell modules and how they work:

Tiered Discount Upsell

Tiered Discount Upsell module lets your customers unlock various offers as their cart value grows. You can encourage customers to spend more by offering them

Special Discounts, Free Shipping & Free Products. The rewards are automatically added/applied to their cart as they reach certain cart value.

For example, you can set it up to auto apply 5% off discount when their cart value reaches $100, and then offer free shipping when it reaches $200, and offer a free product when their cart value reaches $400.

This can greatly increase the total order value of the current order and increase the AOV of your store.


Product Recommendations Upsell

This Upsell module lets you automatically display products related to the current cart items. You can either recommend products based on all the items in their cart, or based on the last added product.


Products Upsell

This module lets you upsell specific products to your customer. You can select any product from your store that want your customers to buy. This is great if you are trying to upsell new arrival products or clear out few products with special discounts.


Countdown Upsell

The Countdown module can be used 2 ways, you can either display a limited countdown timer for say 10 minutes and urge customers to purchase the reserved cart before the set minutes so that they can get the items while they are in stock.

Or you can display the countdown timer with a special discount that will be automatically added, and will expire within a given time. So to avail the discount, users have to complete the order within that time. This greatly reduces the cart abandonment rate.


Custom Call to Action Upsell

This module lets you display a custom message that you can use to encourage users to complete orders. Or you can use this module to display any announcement, offers or link to external website or pages.


Buy More Save Upsell

This module lets you encourage your customers to increase the purchase quantity of certain items with special discount. For example, you can provide 2% discount if customers buy 3 pieces of the same item. The discount is applied only to that item, not the whole cart.


One Tick Upsell

One Tick upsell module lets your customers purchase additional/supportive items like Gift Wrap, Faster Delivery etc.