Cart Bubble Settings

Cart Bubbles are the floating cart icon that appears throughout your whole store when you enable Cart+ App. When this bubble is clicked, the Cart Drawer opens up. This greatly improves the User experience of your store as the customers are able to quickly access the Cart Items and can checkout fast.

This page explains all the Cart Bubble Settings options.

Display Cart Bubble: You can use this option to hide the Cart Bubble and only make the cart accessible when the cart icon of your theme is clicked.

Display Cart Total: When you enable this option the Cart Bubble will also display the cart total amount.

Bubble Style: You can display bubble as a square box or a round one using this option.

Bubble Position: Set where in the screen you want to display the Bubble.

Bubble Icon: You can change the Cart Bubble Icon with this option. You have the option to choose from hundreds of icons.