Cart Header Settings

Cart Drawer Header displays the Cart header text and total count. This page explains all the Cart Bubble Settings options. Header Text: Use this option to change the default “Your Cart” text that appears in the Cart Header. Header Text Alignment: Change the alignment of the Cart Header text to either left, right or center. … Read more

Announcement Bar Settings

You can display an Announcement Bar inside your Cart drawer that displays a specific message. To enable the Announcement Bar, follow these steps: Go to Basic Settings > Announcement Bar. Enable the Display Announcement Bar option. In the Text Editor filed, insert your announcement message. Optionally you can make the bar closable by enabling the … Read more

Changing the Order of the Modules

There are 2 ways you can change where the modules appear in the Cart: You can click the Layout tab from the Settings page and drag each item in the list to reposition them. Or, you can change the position of each module by hovering your mouse over on the module and click the arrow … Read more

Cart Checkout Settings

The Cart Checkout Settings lets you customize how the Cart Drawer’s footer area will look. From this section You can: Customize the Checkout Button. Display Privacy Agreement checkbox. Display a “Continue Shopping” Button. Restrict Checkout if some conditions are not met.   The Cart Checkout Settings Are explained below: Terms & Privacy Agreement checkbox: When … Read more

Cart Bubble Settings

Cart Bubbles are the floating cart icon that appears throughout your whole store when you enable Cart+ App. When this bubble is clicked, the Cart Drawer opens up. This greatly improves the User experience of your store as the customers are able to quickly access the Cart Items and can checkout fast. This page explains … Read more

Cart Item Settings

Cart Items Section displays all the products added the cart. There are various ways you can customize it. This page will explain all the Cart Item Settings options   Settings Tab Display Both Original & Discounted Price: If this option is enabled, the both the original price and “Compare at Price” will be displayed side … Read more

Basic Settings

This page explains all the options present in the Basic Settings Tab under the Cart+ App’s Settings page.   Settings Options Cart Drawer Width: Set the width of the Cart Drawer. This is only applicable to desktop version. On mobile, the Drawer will fit to screen. Cart Drawer Full Height: When you enable this option, … Read more