Uninstalling the App

To Uninstall the app, simply uninstall the app from the Apps Page of your Shopify Store admin. Then go to Online Store > Themes, and click the “Actions” button under the Current Theme section. Then click the “Edit Code” button. Now remove these 3 files: cartplus-cart.liquid cartplus-recommend.liquid cartplus-upsell.liquid   Note that once the App is … Read more

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Can’t I access the Shopify Cart Page? Cart+ app needs to process all the orders itself in order to apply all the discounts. It cannot modify the Shopify Cart page to include all the offers, tiers and discounts. It can only do it through the Cart Drawer. Hence the app disables the default Shopify … Read more

Getting Started

Before getting started with Cart+ lets see how it works and what features it has that you can use to improve your store. How Cart+ App Works Cart+ replaces your cart page and your theme’s cart drawer with an intuitive and flexible cart drawer that helps both you and your customers. It helps you increase … Read more